“Whoever believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him.” — John 7:38
Different Seeds, by Randall D. Kittle


As I got into my car, I stopped to brush off the cottonwood seeds that covered the windshield. I remember thinking in amazement how a giant cottonwood tree nearly a hundred feet tall could grow from these small dandelion-like seeds. Minutes later driving down along a creek-bed the air was filled with little “helicopter” seeds from the nearby maple trees as they slowly whirled their way to the ground. Finally, having arrived at my parent's house, I heard the familiar crunching sound of acorns on their driveway as I parked in the shade of one of their old oak trees.

How different these three seeds were. Yet, they were all from tall, strong trees. The cottonwood seeds were very tiny, and with their “cotton” fibers attached they could float for miles in the air. The maple seeds with their matched pairs were significantly bigger, and yet their unique design allowed their seeds to also be spread. The large heavy acorns, on the other hand, fell nearly straight down to the ground. Since they were such a good source of food, however, the squirrels and other animals helped transport them.

As I thought about these three types of seeds, each quite different from the other and yet each yielding a grand tree when planted, the Lord told me that this is how evangelism will be for the Church in these last days. Some evangelism will seem small and insignificant like the cottonwood seed. But don’t be deceived, it will travel farther and produce bigger results than appears likely on the surface. We often underestimate the significance of the small “seeds” we plant, feeling like our testimony is just spoken into the air. But a life lived with Christ and for Him will plant seeds in many hearts … seeds that will later sprout and grow.

Some of the Church’s efforts will appear wild and energetic like the twirling maple seeds. These efforts produce a lot of activity and excitement. With our judges robes on we have often labeled them as “flashy events” or “gimmicks.” But we will be surprised that, despite our condemnation, many of these will be fruitful.

Like acorns from a mighty oak, there will also be some big, major thrusts that many believers will be involved in and help support. Crusades, conferences, and city-wide projects (like we saw in many communities with
Fireproof outreach), take a large, coordinated effort, but will be used to feed many.

Each of these different seeds when planted and watered by prayer will reproduce, and all are necessary if the Church is to be the “full forest” the Lord is desiring us to be.

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