“Whoever believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him.” — John 7:38

About Us

Living Water was founded in 1993 by Randy & Gini Kittle. The initial area of ministry was a quarterly publication entitled the Living Water Journal. Each issue is a topical study of one principle from the kingdom of God. Every Living Water Journal includes articles by various authors from around the world both of today and from the past. Contributing authors have included: Mike Bickle, Victoria Boyson, Bobby Conner, Paul Keith Davis, Kingsley Fletcher, Francis Frangipane, Richard Foster, James W. Goll, Billy Graham, Dudley Hall, Marilyn Hickey, John Paul Jackson, John Ortberg, Don Rumble, John Sandford, Steve Thompson, and David Wilkerson. From its small beginnings, the Living Water Journal now touches lives in almost every state of America as well as more than thirty countries around the world.

In addition to the
Living Water Journal, we publish Christian books, booklets, and teaching albums. Our radio spots and website allow us to extend the impact of our ministry to many others. We have also sponsored conferences to instruct and impart to the body of Christ.

From its inception, it has been the vision and passion of
Living Water for believers to have access to sound Biblical instruction, to regain God's heart and vision for the Church, and to be released into all that God has called them to be.

Meet Randall Kittle

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Mission Statement


Our Calling

A Word About Our Calling

In 1995, while I was at a MorningStar Conference, Bobby Conner ran from the platform toward the back of the huge auditorium until he stood staring up at me with a big smile on his face. He said the Lord had given him a word for me, and declared God told him to tell me that, “Living water runs uphill in Rockford, Illinois!” Bobby then asked “Randall, do you believe that living water runs uphill?” My response was as quick as it was simple — “It does if God says so.” Bobby continued, “It can only do this supernaturally. There will be obstacles, but it will flow around them!”

In the Bible, when did God make water flow uphill? As God miraculously parted the rivers, the water was pushed back and heaped up — being forced by God to flow uphill against its natural flow. God performed this miracle on four different instances, each was very distinct in the reason for the miracle.

The first of these was when the nation of Israel was leaving Egypt.
“The Lord caused the sea to go back … and the waters were divided” (Exodus 14:21). The purpose for this miracle was to release the people of God from their captivity; to break the yoke of bondage and set them free from the oppressive rule of the Pharaoh. I believe Living Water has been called to help bring freedom to those held captive by cold, lifeless religion, to break the yoke of bondage to self, and to deliver believers from the oppression of the enemy. Just as it is of no use to have a diagnosis without a treatment, we must have more than just deliverance out of, but also a coming in to. God not only called Israel out of Egypt, but also into the promised land.

The second instance of God parting a river and causing water to run uphill was when the children of Israel crossed into the promised land. Israel finally entered into the fullness of God's promised blessings. I believe
Living Water is called to help bring the children of God into the fullness of Christ. To help lead them not only out of bondage, but into all that is theirs by the birthright of the second birth. The waters of the Jordan here “which were flowing down from above stood and rose up in one heap, a great distance away at Adam” (Joshua 3:16). The Lord wants to bring His promised blessing to restore our relationship — all the way back to Adam.

The next time God parted the Jordan, it was Elijah crossing over just before he was taken up in the whirlwind to be with God.
“And Elijah took his mantle and folded it together and struck the waters, and they were divided here and there … there appeared a chariot of fire and horses of fire which separated the two of them. And Elijah went up by a whirlwind to heaven” (2 Kings 2:8-11). I believe this reflects Living Water’s calling to help rebuild true worship: coming to God, expressing our adoration with all that is within us, and seeking His presence.

The last occurrence of God causing water to flow uphill by parting a river was when Elisha returned after Elijah had been taken up to heaven. He had faithfully served his master Elijah. Now he was going forth, released to serve God. I believe
Living Water is called to encourage, equip, exhort, and release believers into becoming a body of ministers. To help new ministries start, but also to support and encourage the priesthood of believers.

What a glorious calling — to help bring:
• Release to the captives
• The fullness of Christ to His bride
• The manifest presence of God with His people
• Support & encouragement to the priesthood of believers as they minister to and for the Lord