“Whoever believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him.” — John 7:38
T & T, by Randall D. Kittle


In a vision, I saw a large stick of dynamite with the letters “T & T” written on it. Its fuse was burning short and was about to explode. As the fuse burned, I heard the voice of the Lord declaring, “I am about to release a group of young people with explosive power to advance My kingdom across the earth. They will be straight in a crooked generation. They will bring down the works of the enemy. They will remove the obstacles that need to be removed. They will reveal the power of My glory — displaying it as a banner waved before the nations. And by this you will know them, they will possess both tenacity and teachability. These two characteristics combined together will cause the dunamis power I will pour into them to be harnessed and fruitful. My zeal will consume them, but not destroy them, for through submission and teachability they will remain dynamos who do not cease and spiritual juggernauts who cannot be stopped.”

Start With Tenacity
In every generation the Lord pours out His power so there will be a demonstration of His glory on the earth, that His name will be praised, and so there is no excuse about the wonderful truth of the gospel. The first characteristic God is looking for in the young people He is about to ignite with His power is tenacity. “Tenacity” means: “being persistent, holding on, clinging, persevering, being courageous.” God is always looking for those who are sold out and set upon Him. The ones who truly advance the kingdom of God are those who zealously serve the Lord with nothing held back. Listen to this exhortation from Romans 12:11, “Never lag in zeal and in earnest endeavor; be aglow and burning with the Spirit, serving the Lord.”

The lukewarm nauseate the Lord, and those who look back are unworthy of the call. Only those who lay aside every hindrance and courageously press in will find themselves positioned for the next outpouring of power. God is longing to see a company of believers who will ask and keep on asking; who will seek and keep on seeking; who will knock and keep on knocking. God’s dunamis power is about to be poured upon a people who will not be silent, who will not faint, who will not only endure but courageously press on because their hearts are aglow with zeal for the Lord.

When God finds such a tenacious people, there is no doubt He will pour out His power in great measure. This He has done many times in the past. But a great intensity of power doesn’t always equal God’s “dunamis power.” The power of God poured out on His people is always
powerful for the kingdom of God, but ofttimes it causes just as much damage to the kingdom. God often grants a powerful anointing to those who tenaciously pursue Him, but nearly as often it brings as much destruction as production. This is much like nitroglycerin. When it was invented in the 19th century its explosive power was unsurpassed. Unfortunately, it was so unstable that it caused much accidental damage and loss of life. Any flare in temperature, any shaking caused it to explode. How much this reflects some believers who have a powerful anointing from God. When their temper flares, their passions ignite, or they get stirred up by others, there is a powerful explosion that damages their lives as well as the kingdom of God.

The Special Additive
One of the people who was killed by an accidental nitroglycerin explosion was Emil Nobel. Four years after his death his brother, Alfred, discovered that adding guhr (a porous, absorbent material) to the nitroglycerin made it much more stable while losing little, if any, of its explosive power. Finally the world had a powerful explosive that was stable, useable, and productive. Nobel named his new invention “dynamite” after the Greek word “dunamis.”

We must do the same if we want to see the power of God harnessed and productive. We need to add to our tenacity something that will bring stability without losing power, and the absorbent quality the Lord is looking for is teachability. Teachability involves the willingness to receive correction, even when it comes in the form of reproof. Teachability includes submission to those the Lord has placed in authority over you. Teachability means that a powerful gift doesn’t preclude the need for instruction — it increases it! Proverbs 4:13 tells us the importance of teachability:
“Hold on to instruction, do not let it go; guard it well, for it is your life.” Teachability will take the power of tenacity and channel it to powerfully advance the kingdom of God. When tenacity and teachability come together, it will be powerful — impacting this world and advancing God’s kingdom.

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