“Whoever believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him.” — John 7:38
The Lesson of the Roundabout, by Gini Kittle

In some of the small mountain towns in Colorado, they utilize round-abouts to maintain traffic flow with ease. Now, if you have never driven on a roundabout before, it can be a little intimidating when you first have to use one. “Oh no, how do I enter in?” … “How do I get out of this thing?” The beauty of roundabouts is they operate on a very simple concept — everyone yields to one another. As long as you are yielding, the flow is very smooth and you will get to where you want. If people refuse to yield, you might get stuck just going around in circles or get into an accident.

That is how it is in the Christian life as well. Yielding to God’s will result in pleasant circumstances: you end up on the right road to where He wants to take you. Unfortunately, yielding is not always an easy choice for us to make. It goes against our old nature and the character of our society. If, as a believer, you refuse to yield, you too will find yourself spiritually going around in circles or “crashing.” So, learn a lesson of the roundabouts, and choose to yield quickly and fully to the Lord … the right path awaits you!

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