“Whoever believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him.” — John 7:38
How Does Your Garden Grow?, by Gini Kittle

A few weeks ago, I was so excited to begin my spring planting.  Unfortunately, my front garden wasn’t the nice blank canvas of soil I was hoping to see.  Grass had grown through my brick border and seeds from various weeds had blown in, sprouted, and become rooted.  So once again I started my planting with the annual spring weeding of the front garden. 
As I dug out the weeds and wrestled with clumps of grass that didn’t want to surrender, I wondered if there couldn’t have been an easier way.  Perhaps if I would have maintained things better last fall or if I’d gotten around to planting a little sooner my unwanted intruders would have been less entrenched and things might have been a lot less work.  When it comes to gardening, keeping up is far better than trying to catch up.  Despite my preventative measures, every year things end up growing in my garden I don’t want, and they have to be weeded out regularly.
I think the same thing can be said for the garden of my heart.  Unless I’m diligent about “weeding” it regularly, I’m amazing how many “weedy thoughts” try to root themselves in my heart.  If I fail to take the time to regularly remove the ways of the world, they too will begin to intrude into my life — making me more like the world and less like Christ.  So, I’ve decided to let the Holy Spirit examine the garden of my heart regularly and reveal to me the “weeds of this world” I need to remove by repentance.
How about the garden of your heart?  How does your garden grow?

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