“Whoever believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him.” — John 7:38
Live in the Light, by Gini Kittle

I have some beautiful hydrangea bushes in my yard.  When I was hosting a baby shower a few weeks ago, I went outside to cut some of the blooms for a flower arrangement I was making.  As I was gathering the flowers, I was astonished at the size difference between the blossoms from my front yard, and the ones from my back yard.  The front yard blooms were twice, maybe even three times larger than those from the back yard!  Quickly, I realized why.  The bushes in the front yard get full sun exposure for a good portion of the day, while in the back the bushes are mostly in the shade.

As believers, we’re not so different from those hydrangea bushes. Only when we are planted in the light of the Son — spending time with our Lord — will we have the full beauty and fragrance we were created to display to this world. If we spend our time in the artificial illumination of the things of this world our ability to impact this world for eternity will be small and feeble.

So allow me to ask you, where are you planted?  Will you be able to grow to your full potential and become the beautiful blossom the Lord created you to be? As it says in Isaiah 2:5,
 “You O house of Jacob! Come! Let’s live in the Lord’s light.” 

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